Victorinox Alox LE Classic Olive Pocket Swiss Army knife

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Thanks to its rich feature set and sturdy Alox scales, the Alox Classic pocket knife is a highly practical and virtually indestructible companion. Slip it in your pocket and its slim profile means it will practically disappear. And whenever you need it, it's always at attention, ready for your next order.

This year's Classic Alox Limited Edition 2017 comes in a muted-yet-unisex olive green. Its scales are stamped from aluminum and embossed and anodized in a subsequent step that gives them their color, all as part of a process in which a layer is created by anodic oxidation. This oxide layer is suitably hard, providing additional protection against damage and corrosion. A true collector's piece, the year of its release is engraved on the back.

Key features:

  • 5 functions
  • High-grade Alox scales in olive green
  • 2017 limited edition with year engraved on back


  • blade, small
  • scissors
  • nail file
  • screwdriver 2.5 mm
  • key ring
  • Net weight 16.5 g
  • scale material Alox 
  • Size 58 mm
  • Blade lockable No 
  • One hand blade No 


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