Bohemia Crystal Quadro Old Fashion Tumbler Set 6pcs

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  • Set of Six 340ml Tumblers
  • Beautiful gift boxed
  • Perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas present.

A clever twist stylises the Quadro range, fluid in movement, the crystal suite is contemporary and stylish. Large pieces showing a clarity of quality crystal and the brilliance of a Bohemia product. Quadro Old Fashioned Tumblers are a stunning whisky glass or spirit glass gift boxed in sets of 6.

Crafted from the finest imported crystal and with impeccable attention to detail, this is the indulgent set you've always craved and is an exquisite addition to any table setting. Simple to clean by polishing with a soft, clean cloth when required.

Bohemia Crystal product is your guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. The factories of the Czech and Slovak Republics are recognised worldwide as leaders in the production of high quality crystal and glassware.

The Bohemia brand represents affordable luxury, quality, sophistication and elegance. Its distinctive lines of 24% lead crystal, lead crystal, crystalline and glass ranges including stemware, tumblers, vases, bowls and giftware are designed to enhance any setting.


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