Royal Selangor Star Wars Kylo Ren Pewter Mug

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  • Pewter drinkware has very low heat conductivity and is able to preserve the ideal temperatures of hot and cold drinks for a longer period of time. 
  • Made of Pewter
  • FDA compliant, Food Safe and Lead-Free. 
  • Easy to maintain. Wash in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with soft flannel. 

This amazing pewter mug is a must have for every die hard Star wars fans. The precise vertical lines etched on the surface of the mug bring Kylo Ren’s intimidating presence to life. 

A Royal Selangor piece exudes an elegant sculptural presence derived from the softness and versatility of pewter which is fashioned in a variety of finishes – a traditional soft satin lustre, a dazzling brilliance that rivals silver or a subdued ‘antique’ finish.

Royal Selangor high quality cast pewter consists of 92% to 97% tin, with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen the alloy – the highest international standard for pewter. It is heavier and stronger than spun pewter. When struck gently, it produces a resonant sound. While most metal surfaces dull over a period of time, pewter does not tarnish or corrode easily. Instead it develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal over time and with use. It is a lifetime of pleasure and beauty.

Size: 11cm (H) x 8cm (DIA)


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