Bohemia Crystal Turbulence Stemless Wine 500ml/2pc

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  • A revolutionary wine glass with built in aerator function
  • Nicely boxed in pairs - great for gift giving
  • Each glass is 500ml capacity

A revolution in wine glasses – Turbulence by Bohemia Crystal creates no need for decanting, as the inside ribs of the glass help with the oxidation of wine and release the aroma and taste of the wine faster.

This uniquely designed specially-shaped wave allows you to gently twist the glass in circular motions for faster oxygenation removing the need for normal decanting, which can take hours.

Turbulence is high quality Bohemia Crystal glass featuring precisely formed thin-walled stemware with smooth rims. Known as “crystalline”, without lead application (lead-free crystal), its best qualities are that it is high in transparency and mechanical resistance. You will notice the brilliance, thickness, quality and feeling.

A stemless wine glass could be used for all manner of wines, spirits or soft drinks. A versatile glass featuring the same technology behind the rest of the turbulence suite, a perfect design for aerating wine.

Bohemia Crystal product is your guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. The factories of the Czech and Slovak Republics are recognised worldwide as leaders in the production of high quality crystal and glassware.

The Bohemia brand represents affordable luxury, quality, sophistication and elegance. Its distinctive lines of 24% lead crystal, lead crystal, crystalline and glass ranges including stemware, tumblers, vases, bowls and giftware are designed to enhance any setting.


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