Wine Glasses

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Wine Glasses

Make every dinner a celebration of the finer things in life. Mega Boutique offers an extensive collection of red and white wine crystal wine glasses designed and crafted by Europe’s leading glass-blowers. Whether you’re entertaining a dinner party or enjoy a quiet evening with a loved one, there’s no better choice than a fine bottle of wine served in our stunning drinkware.

Affordability and elegance are at the core of our business’ philosophy, so expect us to always offer the very finest affordably. Our close relationships with our suppliers ensures that we can always offer some of the very best from around the world at an extremely competitive price, putting quality and sophistication with everyone’s reach. Make a beautiful addition to your home and your dining table that will never feel cheap, and choose from the range at Mega Boutique today.

The perfect accompaniment to the finest vintages

Mega Boutique has partnered with two of the world’s finest glassmakers – Royal Selangor and Bohemia – to bring you a better class of drinkware. From their factories in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Bohemia creates functional works of art, making every drop of wine, whiskey and champagne an even greater joy. Available in a range of traditional and modern styles, they’re sure to a well-loved and well-used part of any drinks cabinet.

For more than 130 years, Royal Selangor has been one of the most sought-after glass manufacturers, designing vessels that have adorned the tables of European royalty and nobility. Blending the twin arts of pewtersmithing and glass-blowing, they develop some of the world’s finest pieces for the home.

Helping to create Australia’s most beautiful homes

Experience the very best the world has to offer in the Mega Boutique range. Browse our catalogue today, or get in touch with any questions through our enquiry page and get the answers you need.