Scanpan Diamond Steel Knife Sharpening Rod 25cm

  • Brand: Scanpan
  • Product Code: SH-18113
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After investing so much money in high-quality knives, you're going to want to keep them as sharp as possible. This Scanpan Diamond Steel knife sharpening rod is the perfect way in which to do so. 

It features a remarkable combination of chromium molybdenum vanadium steel and diamond, which ensures quick, efficient sharpening time and time again. Even if you've never used a sharpening steel before, you'll be able to sharpen your knives with ease with this 25-centimetre-long rod. The sharpening steel works great, and the soft-grip polypropylene handle allows you to maintain a firm, confident grasp that makes the process even easier. 

Like all Scanpan products, this diamond steel knife sharpening rod is exquisitely designed and a joy to behold. Regular use of the steel will restore the cutting edge of your knives to razor sharp condition.


  • Quality diamond coated, nickel plated sharpening steel
  • Great for harden stainless knives
  • Perfectly suited to Scanpan Knives
  • Fine 800 grit gives a clean, sharp edge to your knives
  • 25cm Long Rod


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