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New WILTSHIRE Staysharp Kitchen Scissors Cuts Poultry Hard & Soft foods

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Say hello to scissors that stay sharp. Thanks to the clever self-sharpening system of Staysharp you can ensure no more blunt scissors. Simply insert and withdraw the knife from the scabbard for a sharp knife every time. These scissors are strong and versatile. They're a multi-purpose trooper made for the rough and tough jobs: cleaning fish, cutting bones, cracking nuts, shredding greens, snipping bread and stripping herbs.


  • Wiltshire utensils
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Scabbard sharpens scissors each time they're removed
  • Colour trim for quick in-drawer identification
  • Perfect for quick & easy snipping

Package contents:

  • Kitchen scissors
  • Scabbard holder

Usage and Care

Let's face it. Good scissors care makes lighter work of kitchen chores, and we're all for that! Dishwashers may be a godsend for everything else, but not your scissors because detergent can cause corrosion and blunt them. It is best to hand wash with a soft cloth and dry immediately. Remove stains with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and wash well before use. Always keep your Staysharp scissors inside their scabbard.


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