Victorinox Butchers Sharpening Steel 30cm Round Middle Fine Cut

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Victorinox 7.8513 Butcher Sharpening steel keeps the blades of your knives in good condition and always sharp. Victorinox sharpening devices are necessary to sharpen every Victorinox knife. The Victorinox sharpening steels have a hard-wearing coating, good grip and good sharpening properties. On the other hand, knife sharpeners are easy to use and are recommended in everyday household use.


  • A fine quality steel with black plastic handle and hanging ring.
  • Suitable for knives 300mm (12″) blade length or less..
  • Perfect steel for home use. Medium fine grade is used typically by chefs/butchers on a daily basis.
  • Ideally used daily in conjunction with a sharpening stone every 6 months.
  • Made in Germany.


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